South Dakota and Nebraska Mental Health Therapy Services

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Mental Health Therapy Services Offered in South Dakota and Nebraska

Some of the mental health therapy services Tina Gunn offers in South Dakota and Nebraska include:

Adult Services


Parenting Skills



Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviors (BFRB)


Youth Support for families dealing with school systems

Life Coach

Expert or Witness Testimony. If asked to appear in court, my hourly rate is $150/hour. This will also include case preparation and drive time.

Adult Services

We all can get stuck in life’s events. Doors all seem to be closed, and sometimes we don’t have the right keys to open them.

Do you need help opening up and talking? I am able to assist you. I can be here for you and your loved ones. I also work with childhood trauma, parenting issues, anxiety, and depression.

My style of counseling is looking at the choices we make and the thought process we go through. What stops us from moving on? What makes us do the same thing over and over hoping for a different result?

It seems our expectations are always on the rise, and it can be hard to keep up. Life can get complicated. Call and let’s set up a free consultation.

Concept of the human brain


When a disturbing event occurs, it can get locked in the brain with the original picture, sounds, thoughts, feelings, and body sensations. EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Processing) stimulates the brain and allows it to process the experiences.

When you sleep at night, during REM sleep – your brain is processing the information from the day. Allowing you to remember what happened, both good and bad. Those eye movements assist in the processing. Reprocessing material using eye movements may help to reprocess the past material.

Your brain does the healing while you remain in control.

The way I like to explain it is – have you ever reacted quickly inappropriately to someone or some situation? This could be a memory that is stored and needs to be processed.

EMDR was first developed in 1987, and I have been practicing it since 2011. EMDR allows me to help put you in control of your past so that you can open new doors to the future.


Do people tease you or call you “OCD”? I have experience in treating the following:

Hair pulling

Skin picking

Nail biting

Knuckle and joint cracking

woman biting her nails
woman undergoing hypnosis session


Hypnosis is a treatment option that can assist you in coping with a variety of conditions.

Hypnosis is unique in that I, as one who is trained in hypnosis, cannot make you do something you don’t want to do. While in a hypnotic state, your body will not let you do something that you are not willing or cannot possibly do.

The purpose of hypnosis, then, is to allow your body to be a deep state of relaxation where I can help you self-regulate your issues so you have less stressful experiences and a better well-being.


Germs, flying, dogs, bugs, needles…if you have an overactive fear of something that consumes your life, I can help.

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Youth Support Services

Attend IEP meetings with families to assist in the process

Thoroughly explain school psychological testing to parents and assist in a course of action

Provide support for behavioral, medical, and educational needs

Work with children individually to ensure their voices are heard in the IEP process

Provide one-on-one therapy

Assist in navigating the legal process and legal rights involving children

Educating both youth and family to ensure active participation

Can act as a liaison between families, youth and the school

Life Coaching

I am a certified life coach who provides the following services:

Career testing

Interest inventory

Goal setting

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Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP)

The Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) is a groundbreaking therapeutic tool developed by Dr. Stephen Porges, based on the principles of his Polyvagal Theory. This innovative approach involves listening to music that has been specially processed to retune the nervous system by regulating the function of the vagus nerve. The vagus nerve is key in controlling emotional response and social interaction. The SSP is typically delivered through a series of listening sessions, where patients are exposed to carefully filtered music designed to gradually introduce a range of frequencies and rhythms. This methodical approach aims to recalibrate the patient’s auditory processing and nervous system, enhancing their ability to process human speech and tune out irrelevant frequencies, which can be overwhelming for people with sensory processing issues.

The benefits of the Safe and Sound Protocol are particularly notable in patients who struggle with emotional regulation, social communication, and anxiety, including those with autism, trauma, and sensory processing disorders. By improving the functioning of the vagus nerve, SSP helps in fostering a sense of safety and calmness in patients. This feeling of safety is crucial for social engagement and for building a therapeutic relationship, making it easier for patients to engage in and benefit from other therapeutic interventions. The protocol’s focus on auditory processing also aids in improving verbal communication and social interaction, which are often challenging areas for those with autism and related conditions. Overall, SSP offers a unique, non-invasive way to enhance emotional regulation and social communication, paving the way for improved overall well-being and quality of life for its patients.